Image result for alex bediako The primary responsibility of all oppressed peoples and their countries who seek freedom is to fight and overthrow controlling imperialist colonial rule and to go all-out for political independence.

Religious Intolerance, Christian Fundamentalism, & the Ghana Constitution

wereko brobbey One of the favourite “tollies” I tell of my “charmed" and eventful life, is that the school where I had my primary education was the only Catholic school in Ghana with a good number of Muslim pupil population.


 Just as I left you in the trotro to make my way to the palm wine base, I heard on my radio that Mr Kwame Pianim, a respected economist and politician said that there is no reason for government to be involved in the sale and distribution of petrol.

Elizabeth Ohene: It is a four-year term

Elizabeth Ohene Today’s date, January 7, hasn’t got a ring to it in our national consciousness. It is not the 6th of March, Independence Day, or 1st July, Republic Day. It becomes an interesting date only once every four years when the elected President is sworn into office.

Tamale Schools Set Pace In Bridging Gender Inequality Gap

 It is very uncommon in Northern Ghana to find women in key leadership positions in both public and private institutions. Even where you find a woman, it is either because the men are not interested in such positions or the positions are given names suggesting only women can occupy them.

Questions Begging Minority Leader For Answers About His Past

 A few critical questions are begging for answers from the Minority Leader in Ghana’s Parliament, Hon Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu, about his past. 

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia Is Blind—Volta NDC

 Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, the twice defeated Vice-Presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) at a fund raising programme in London recently, claimed the NPP borrowed $ 5.5 billion in eight years and the NDC has borrowed $ 27 billion in six years, yet there is nothing to show for it. This can definitely not be true.

Animal to human transmission in Ebola disease

 Animal to human transmission in Ebola disease

The Ebola virus disease (EVD), formally known as Ebola haemorrhagic fever (EHF), discovered by Dr Peter Priot, is a notoriously deadly disease that causes fearsome symptoms, the most prominent being high fever.

Ebola Exposes The Disdain Of The West For Africa

 Any excuse that was floated to justify the provision of ZMapp Ebola cure to Americans only and not any single Africans, went out the window when a Spaniard priest who came down with the virus received his own doses as is in headlines today.

Apologize For Keeping The NPP In Opposition

One thing I have learnt from people who have respect for others is to render an apology for their offenses. Rendering an apology or taking responsibility for one's mistakes is not uncommon. It relieves emotional pains from the victims and builds a stronger relationship thereafter. However, it becomes more annoying when the offender keeps to his guns even when there is enough evidence to suggest that, an offense has been committed.

Open Letter To Nana Akuffo -Addo

 Please Learn To Tell The Truth - Confess you are Sick!

The “Kwaku Ananse” in Kufuor is still active

 By Dr. Michael J.K. Bokor

Comment: Mr. President, please crack the whip!

The Informer is getting increasingly worried about how some appointees of President John Dramani Mahama are working very hard to crash the image of the Government.

Why Nana Akufo-Addo Must be Changed as the NPP's Flag-bearer

 Fellow Delegates, 

Ebola Could be Knocking on Ghana’s Doors


 The NDC government has fully embraced its responsibility to ensure the provision of clean, safe, drinking water for our people. In order to guarantee the availability of potable water for all Ghanaians, government has devoted significant attention and resources to improving the water supply system of the country.

Secondary Education Improvement Project: Facts and Figures

As enrolment and completion of basic education has increased in recent decades, 
the demand for places in Senior High Schools (SHSs) has risen and pressure is 
growing on the capacity of the existing institutions to meet the demand. This demand 
has been fuelled by increasing population coming out of poverty, completing 
universal Basic Education (UBE) and rural-urban migration from agriculture in search 

Kwesi Nyantekyi, Corruption and Mismanagement

 Personally I have always held the belief that the current president of the Ghana Football Association, Kwesi Nyantekyi was going to leave office in humiliation and disgrace, because he has no shame, integrity or honor, even considering that he is well educated. With all accusing fingers pointing to the leader of the FA am thinking he should do the wise thing of stepping down to save himself of what is in store for him.

What Wrong Has Prez Mahama Committed By Appointing You?

Several political pundits in the country have questioned the reason why the President speaks to every issue and intervenes in every situation.

Open letter to Kwasi Nyantakyi

Nyantakyi Worried Good day, Kwasi. I hope and trust that all is well with you. After a lot of thought, I am choosing to write you this letter to express my thoughts on the work you have been doing at the helm of affairs as far as Ghana football is concerned.

Ghana's Next President: Sulley Muntari

Muntari With Mandela 01Oct2010 Yes, you read it right Sulley Ali Muntari for president of Ghana 

Check corruption at the ports

The state is reported to have lost more than GH¢2.1 million in revenue from the undervaluation of some imported fruit juices into the country between January and May this year alone.


 Latest reports that the total number of pink sheets counted by KPMG is almost 14000 instead of 11842 or less raises serious questions about the integrity of our judicial system and makes the counting of judges' copies of pink sheets in evidence before the Supreme Court necessary.

Politics must be based on issues not insults – Asiedu Nketia


General Secretary of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) has underscored the need for clean and issue-based politics ahead of the 2016 general elections.


 Barely a week ago, news broke on Joy FM's Super Morning Show that the Committee set up to investigate the controversies surrounding Subah Info Solution's Contract with the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) had exonerated Subah.