The NDC government has fully embraced its responsibility to ensure the provision of clean, safe, drinking water for our people. In order to guarantee the availability of potable water for all Ghanaians, government has devoted significant attention and resources to improving the water supply system of the country.

Secondary Education Improvement Project: Facts and Figures

As enrolment and completion of basic education has increased in recent decades, 
the demand for places in Senior High Schools (SHSs) has risen and pressure is 
growing on the capacity of the existing institutions to meet the demand. This demand 
has been fuelled by increasing population coming out of poverty, completing 
universal Basic Education (UBE) and rural-urban migration from agriculture in search 

Kwesi Nyantekyi, Corruption and Mismanagement

 Personally I have always held the belief that the current president of the Ghana Football Association, Kwesi Nyantekyi was going to leave office in humiliation and disgrace, because he has no shame, integrity or honor, even considering that he is well educated. With all accusing fingers pointing to the leader of the FA am thinking he should do the wise thing of stepping down to save himself of what is in store for him.

What Wrong Has Prez Mahama Committed By Appointing You?

Several political pundits in the country have questioned the reason why the President speaks to every issue and intervenes in every situation.

Open letter to Kwasi Nyantakyi

Nyantakyi Worried Good day, Kwasi. I hope and trust that all is well with you. After a lot of thought, I am choosing to write you this letter to express my thoughts on the work you have been doing at the helm of affairs as far as Ghana football is concerned.

Ghana's Next President: Sulley Muntari

Muntari With Mandela 01Oct2010 Yes, you read it right Sulley Ali Muntari for president of Ghana 

Check corruption at the ports

The state is reported to have lost more than GH¢2.1 million in revenue from the undervaluation of some imported fruit juices into the country between January and May this year alone.


 Latest reports that the total number of pink sheets counted by KPMG is almost 14000 instead of 11842 or less raises serious questions about the integrity of our judicial system and makes the counting of judges' copies of pink sheets in evidence before the Supreme Court necessary.

Politics must be based on issues not insults – Asiedu Nketia


General Secretary of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) has underscored the need for clean and issue-based politics ahead of the 2016 general elections.


 Barely a week ago, news broke on Joy FM's Super Morning Show that the Committee set up to investigate the controversies surrounding Subah Info Solution's Contract with the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) had exonerated Subah.

Ghanaians don’t desert Ghana because they are unpatriotic

 By Dr. Michael J.K. Bokor

Racial discrimination and the Akosombo Dam

 “Then why don’t you get on with the damn thing?” - Dwight D. Eisenhower, United States President - 1953-1961

Kwame Nkrumah George Padmore The CIA 1

 In “Kwame Nkrumah—The CIA Connection (2)” we advanced some bold general claims dealing with the question of why we believe internal conditions alone could not have resulted in the 1966 coup d’état that overthrew the progressive government of Kwame Nkrumah. Among other reasons given, we also suggested the question be thoroughly looked at within the broader context of the Cold War as well as of Western material interest in Africa’s vast mineral wealth.

Sir john is a punishment to Nana Addo and NPP.

 Before His (Owusu Afriyie) entrance in Politics,the name, Nana Addo evoked awe.His performance as a lawyer and at various post showed how genius he is. Since the citizens new little about him, all kinds of legends became attached to his name. But the moment he came on air and spoke his mind, made that pronouncement of all die be die, the comment that seem to promote ethnocentrism , that grandeur and mystery vanished.He bragged and blustered like a common serial caller, suddenly, he was not at all what people had imagine.

Bawumia and empty talk on economy

Bawumiapraying 04.12 Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia’s address delivered at Central University College to mark the one year anniversary of the passing of H.E. Aliu Mahama was a complete waste of time. Nothing new was said and no reasonable preposition was put across with regards to management of the national economy.

NPP, your tribal posturing will always hurt your political fortunes


Dr. Nkrumah Was Not Brutal A Dictator – Final Part

 I will write more than SIX MILLION pages in defense of the late Dr, Kwame Nkrumah-The Star of Africa in my capacity as a former Young Pioneer Cadre from 1959-1966.

Failure to honour Tetteh Quarshie cause of economic woes – Family

Library photo

 In what may be considered an outlandish addition to the hordes of explanations as to why the Ghanaian economy is ailing, relations of Tetteh Quarshie, the man credited with the introduction of cocoa into the country say unless he is recognised and honoured appropriately, the economy will continue to yield poor returns.

Analysis: Ghana's poor bond performance and negative economic outlook

 When Europe's financialsystem was on the brink of crashing and taking the common monetary union with it, the emerging world seemed on a more secure footing. It had better debt levels, a demographic advantage and exposure to China's seemingly insatiable appetite for commodities.

Waking Up from the Pipe Dream: Part 2

 Dr Charles Wereko Brobby concludes his article on the energy crisis. The first part was published last Monday.

Waking Up from the Pipe Dream: Part I

 “It is not worth the paper it is written on” is one of the most used sentences in everyday dialogue. It’s most famous manifestation is the 1938 speech of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain describing the Munich Agreement with Hitler as bringing “Peace in our Time”.  Within one year, World War 2 broke out and the rest is history.

The Legon road toll saga - another case of ugly noises?

Northern Ghana Is Not A Curse

 A land of wealth, spreading from Yendi to Hamele, a land with scattered settlement that aid the north-east winds to blow across every household bringing joy to the people whether they have breakfast or not, a culture which is unique in our homeland Ghana.

The Chieftaincy institution in Gonjaland at the crossroad

 The Chieftaincy institution in Gonjaland is not only an integral part but is also a vital element in our social and cultural establishment. It is a dynamic institution that reflects and also responds to the evolving social transformations of society. The importance of the institution’s historic role in the socio-economic development of our people cannot be overemphasized.

Rev Otabil, miniskirts in the church? Huray!

 I just read a Ghanaweb posting quoting Dr. Mensa Otabil as advocating for the church to allow women to bring mini-skirts to church. I just got so alarmed that I decided immediately that I have no hope of ever going to heaven. That is it. You guys can take the lead.